Knox SOW

Knox Street Orienteering Walkers




We start and finish our walks at the same location.  The location changes every month.

Download the Start / Finish Locations list to see where.


We usually walk on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month.
If the weather is not suitable on that day, you will be notified by text message and we will walk on the following Friday.

Handy Hint 

The list contains the Start / Finish Location address, a Map icon and Cafe icon.

Tap or click on the icons in the list to open Google Maps at that location.
Tap or click on ‘Directions’ to get driving instructions from your current location to the Start or Cafe Location.

(You may also visit the Cafe's webpage by clicking on the cafe's name.)


It is recommended that you download the Start / Finish Locations list onto your phone so you can open it with your PDF Reader.
Click here to find out how to download it and add an icon to your Home Screen.


Important:  The list is updated regularly.  Check the website for the current list and replace any previously downloaded.



Street Orienteering is Fun