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Coleman Road Reserve, Wantirna South
(January 2023)

Red & Gold Letterbox (Clue #14)


The Big Slide in Roselyn Crescent Reserve

What took you all so long? 

Skate Park  New Pylons  Playground 
Waverley Park (December 2022) 

Poppies in the Roundabout
Springvale Botanical Cemetery (11 November 2022)
11am at the Police Memorial
Springvale Botanical Cemetery (11 November 2022)

Kiss & Drive
Eastfield Park (August 2022)
Herbert Street Bathtubs
Eastfield Park (August 2022)

Walkers by the lake
Lakewood Reserve (3 June 2022)
Walkers at the jetty
Lakewood Reserve
(17 June 2022)
2 topiary birds in the garden (Clue #10)
Lakewood Reserve (3 June 2022)

Boronia Park
(May 2022)
   The 11 sculptured tree stumps
along Park Crescent
on the west and south sides of the park
Stump #1   Stump #2 
 Stump #3 Stump #4  Stump #5 
 Stump #6 Stump #7  Stump #8 
 Stump #9 Stump #10 Stump #11

Jells Park
(April 2022)
  The Playscape   
Kangaroo Standing Stones  3 Owls  Mosaic Map 
  Bird Information 'Wings'  
Course#1 Walkers (1 April 2022)  Course#2 Walkers (22 April 2022)  

 Phone number near bottom of Behind Post (Clue #4)
 Knox Gardens Reserve (February 2022)
The big spider in Mint Street (Clue #9)
Wantirna (January 2022)  

2 seats in Hewitt Court (Clue #2),
Wantirna (November 2021)
Yellow slide in playground (Clue #9), Tabilk Court,
Wantirna (November 2021) 

Masks on, ready to go!  Colchester Reserve Staggered parking sign (Clue#15) Pole Leaners (Clue#18)

First walk after Pandemic Lockdown #6 (22 Oct 2021) in Boronia
Pay Phone (Clue #1), Bellfield Drive,
Lysterfield (July 2021)
2 teams meet at Greenbank Reserve (Clue #11),
Lysterfield (July 2021)
Red tap or fire hydrant? (Clue #17),
Lysterfield (July 2021)
Course#2 - Team 4  Course#2 - Team 3  Judy & Ladybirds
at Gabrielle Court Reserve, Ferntree Gully 
Course#1 - Team 1 Course#1 - Team 2 Course#1 - Team 3

The beautiful mural by Lukey Soma in Loretto Avenue, Ferntree Gully (May 2021)
Team #1 in Pimpala Court Reserve searching for
Clue #20 = Colour of slide in the playground
(October 2020)
2 Teams at Clue #2
in Burke Road, Ferntree Gully
(November 2020)
Judy showing us how to play her handmade Postage Stamp Bingo at Gloria's Cafe, Edina Road, Ferntree Gully
(November 2020)

  Lyn, John, Lynda, Mary Ann, David & Glenys
Our only walk between lockdowns!
Milpera Reserve, Wantirna

(July 2020)

Springvale Botanical Cemetery
(November 2019)
We could smell the roses  Pear & ducks 
David & Ian @ Clue 2  Debbie & Ian @ Clue 12  John, Lyn, Debbie & Ian @ Clue 5  Lynda & Maryann @ Clue 5 
Walkers adding up their score in the rose garden  David sitting not walking  5 Monks at Song He Xin Yuan area  (Clue 12)
Photoshoot for Heart Foundation promotion Nicky the Herald Sun Photographer
Coffee & chat in Cafe Vita 

Rowville Lakes
(July & August 2019)
Sutton Lake 
Ian & Debbie  Judy & Julie  Judy, Rhoda, Judy & Rowland  Wilma & Greg 

Panda Rounds
Judy, Rowland & Rhoda
found the Special Clue (June 2019)
Special Clue:  The Panda in the window of our dance teacher's house.
(Panda Rounds Round Dance Club, Boronia.  Click on the logo for more information.)

  A Walk in the Park
Jells Park

(April 2019) 
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The Map  The Lake + ducks (top).  Bird Island (middle & bottom). The electricity pylons
Lagoon platform Control Tag (Clue 15)
hidden behind the post 
Glenys & David on the lagoon platform  Judy & Glenys on the Softball Ground.
Where is Clue 20?
Ralph, Ian, Debbie & Lynn  Luis, David & Rhoda  Julie, Judy & Helen 
David, Glenys & Judy at the intersection.  Which way?
(Emergency Marker on the left.)
JEL800 Emergency Marker on the dock (Clue 17)   Top: Clue 4 Tag (Q) + polar bear sticker !
Bottom: Clue 12 Tag (M) in the Bird Hide.



Clue 15:  Staggered Parking Only Sign
Boronia (March 2019)


Christmas Lunch at the Stamford Hotel, Rowville (December 2018 )


Knox Seniors Festival Event : 19 October 2018 : Tormore Reserve, Boronia
 Map study and walking route planning  Petra, Nancy & Laurie - "Lets go this way" Before the walk 
Heather, Wilma, Debbie & Greg at Clue 10  Linda, Glenys & David at Clue 10  Maryann, Peter (with hat) & Anne at Clue 10 
The blue steps are somewhere in the playground (Clue 16)  Lynda, Jacqueline, Robert and Jen - Lost? Greg, Kaye & Judy - Also lost? 
Beautiful flowers near Clue 14 Judy, Judy & Rowland
(Top team = 70 points!)
Michael, Gaye, Sue & Lyn - "Which way to Clue 18?" 
"Koo-ka-ka-ka-ka = Welcome to Clue 12"   Magenta Rhododendron near Clue 18 
Water, a cuppa and a chat at the Forage Food Store Cafe after the walk 


Mulgrave Country Club (September 2018)

The Big Slide
(Clue 15) in Roselyn Crescent Reserve, Boronia
(July 2018)
Ian & Debbie (on stamp) John & Peter Anne photographing
John & Peter
Margaret, Julie & Rosalie Judy & Rowland 
Greg & Wilma  David, Glenys & Christine  Shree Swaminarayan Temple (Clue 20), Boronia (July 2018)



Lakewood Nature Reserve, Knoxfield
(April 2018) 
Walking between Clues 8 & 11 around the lake  
Glenys & Gayle Peter & Anne

All photos in this gallery were taken in public places or at public events.
Although not required by Australian law, consent to publish their photos has been given by the members of KnoxSOW group shown in the photos.